I've been building and renovating now for 8 years. After a fairly unusual mix of previous jobs I fell into building pretty much by chance and have loved it ever since.  I have learnt my skills through first hand experience on the job and have been lucky enough to have been taught by some very skilled tradesmen along the way.  Not having gone down the standard training route to be where I am, I feel I have a slightly different take on the industry. This gives me the ability to run jobs efficiently and smoothly based on real life experience of the pitfalls and problems associated with any building project.


One thing that I have come to see as extremely important in the past years is the relationship between builder and client. Builders in general seem to have a bit of a reputation for being unreliable, untrustworthy and hard to communicate with when things go wrong. Communication is key, and I would like to think it's one of my strong points. I will always share as much information as I can, whether it's in a quote or relating to an ongoing job. Each job is planned out well in advance and usually (depending on its size) a schedule of works is supplied detailing everything involved, with timescales and a payment schedule. Only when everyone is happy with this document and it is signed does any work begin. If I can make my customers aware of what's happening in advance I've found most issues are dealt with before they occur.


I have a network of fully insured tradesmen that I use on a regular basis, all of whom I have worked with for some time and trust to do an excellent job. We work as a team and I will always take ownership of each job and oversee any tradesmen involved. We aim to be polite and considerate towards customers and their neighbours at all times. Having building work done can be quite an invasive process so we endeavour to minimise disruption and work around customers as much as possible.